Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor (under 18) in the course of business.

About Us
About Vinuage
About Vinuage
Investing in wine is not as simple, secure, or accessible as many other alternative assets. With wine experts and start-up veterans on our team, Vinuage is addressing this by creating the world’s first truly professional wine trading platform. 

Vinuage strives to make a difference with the robust safeguards and assurances, as well as the accessibility and clarity, that Vinuage provides.

Vinuage serves more than just seasoned wine investors. Fine wine drinkers, luxury shoppers and everyday investors can use Vinuage to take part in buying and selling one of the market’s most promising alternative assets.
About Le Duo
Since 2023, patrons have been also able to relax and enjoy the finest wines at Le Duo, Vinuage’s exclusive wine lounge situated in Hong Kong - come visit us at 21/F, FOCO, 48 Cochrane St., Central Hong Kong.
Meaning Behind Our Names
Vinuage’s name comes from a combination of 2 French words: “Vin”, meaning wine; and “Nuage”, meaning cloud as we are a cloud-based platform. If viewed through English lens, there is an additional fun twist to our name: “Vin-U-Age”, connoting “wines that you age”.

“Le Duo” means “duet” in French – symbolizing our online and offline approach, and the partnership of our two co-founders Chyson and Ben.